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Thinkific Plus to sponsor LoCon - Vancouver

Thinkific Plus is a scalable, easy to use learning platform built for both internal teams and external customers. Today we’re thrilled to announce Thinkific’s title sponsorship of the LoCon Vancouver conference to be hosted by Learning Outcomes in July 2023.

We’re excited to bring together experienced training professionals in the field of Customer Education with Thinkific Plus to discuss the future of learning. They will be graciously hosting our featured guests, Susan Manning of Credly and Courtney Sembler of HubSpot, for a panel discussion at their offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. Learning Outcomes and Thinkific Plus are also joining forces to craft meaningful activities for attendees that highlight some of the most important questions being discussed in professional learning.

LoCon is an exclusive gathering of thought leaders in the learning management ecosystem. It is an opportunity for builders and people of vision to come together and create bonds, share ideas, and reimagine learning. Taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Learning Outcomes and Thinkific Plus will help move forward the craft of generating business value with learning solutions.

“In the current state of the market, it has become critical to effectively measure and efficiently deliver learning solutions as a strategic way to scale customer engagement and retention,” said Christie Horsman, VP of Marketing at Thinkific. “LoCon is a great way for leaders in the community to discuss their challenges and collaborate to develop strategies that tackle common challenges.”

Through the many engagements delivered by Learning Outcomes, we’ve found that customer education leaders consistently deliver unparalleled value to their customers and their organizations. One of the common challenges comes from the way this value is measured and how these programs are applied. As a company’s need for skills in this area evolves, the importance of flexible learning solutions for brands has only increased.

“LoCon is an UnConference. That means it’s focused on activity and contemplation of a future state. We’re excited to be working closely with the Thinkific Plus team to build this new way for learning professionals to develop collective thought and perspectives on the future,” says Brian Childs, CEO of Learning Outcomes, during a recent interview. “Thinkific is really future focused and I’m excited that they will be joining the conversation.”

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