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The UnConference for Learning Professionals


Form deeper connections through discussion & activity

LoCon isn't like other conferences. Instead of sitting in an audience and watching thought leaders on a stage, LoCon places you in meaningful conversations and interactions with these leaders. It is a discussion and you are a participant. These retreats are designed to foster deep connections, inspiration, and actionable insights. 

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Build your community

LoCon brings together program leaders, executives, vendors, and new practitioners. The experience allows for all these participants to learn from one another and build formidable relationships that extend for long after the event. If you are entering new markets, want to learn about the craft, or interested in the voice of customer, LoCon will help you move forward with confidence. 

The experience

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Luxury to inspire

LoCon events are hosted at high end locations to elevate the conversation. At the same time, they encourage collaborative, casual interactions. Thought you might be at a mansion or a resort, participants are encouraged to relax and share. Everything is off the record to ensure people feel comfortable being their genuine selves. All are welcome.


Group networking

Social activities build relationships in a casual environment. Join your peers in happy hours. Enjoy exceptional food and drink. Relax with your new friends and explore common bonds. 


Structured activities

LoCon is organized around team building activities that place practitioners together with vendors to articulate the future of their industry. Discussions focus on the future, inspiration, and sharing. These include structured conversations, open and honest feedback, and fun challenges to strengthen bonds and deepen friendships. 

LoCon - Round Robin conversations.jpeg

Focused conversations

Learn from a community of practice and walk away with actionable insights. Whether you are a solutions provider wanting to learn more about a market, are planning your program launch, or just want to pick up best practices, LoCon is built to help you reach your goals while engaging with professionals of all backgrounds and levels of experience. 

Space will be limited

Thanks for your interest in attending LoCon! Our conferences are invitation-only gatherings that sell out, so there are a very limited number of spaces available, but we would love to learn more about you and why you are interested in attending. Please fill out the form below to request an invitation.


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