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List of Customer Education ROI Statistics

What is the impact of Customer Education?

Customer Education Impacts can been organized into three categories. Skip to the metrics most important to you by using these links:

  1. Marketing and Sales metrics

  2. Product adoption & churn metrics

  3. Operational efficiency metrics

Why is Customer Education important?

A well-designed customer training program positively impacts the most important drivers of business success —including driving product adoption, reducing support and success costs, improving CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), growing revenue, and generating leads.

This article brings together several different industry sources so you can benchmark your impact and advocate for resources. When you are building or growing a program, it helps to have statistics that articulate the ROI of a Customer Education program.

Determine your program's ROI using the Training Budget & ROI Calculator

Marketing and Sales metrics

Customer Education solutions can be used to build brand awareness and nurture prospects into your sales funnel. Product training solutions built for external audiences often serve to teach sales and field reps on features, which increases their product knowledge and directly results in more compelling sales motions. Once people become customers, training increases the stickiness of your solutions which has a positive impact on upsells, renewals, and new feature awareness.

Improved Marketing / Brand awareness

Increased Sales / Revenue / Upsells

Increased Customer Retention / Renewal

Determine your program's ROI using the Training Budget & ROI Calculator

Product adoption & churn metrics

Customer discovery and adoption of your products is a critical phase for every company. In addition to making these processes more scalable, training has a direct impact on the core SaaS business metrics surrounding stickiness, churn, and satisfaction.

Increased Product Adoption

NPS increase

Determine your program's ROI using the Training Budget & ROI Calculator

Operational efficiency metrics

Customer Education reduces costs associated with both onboarding and supporting customers. In addition, when eLearning solutions are used to augment high touch training, many programs see an increase in training consumption because it can be completed asynchronously.

Reduction in Support Costs

Reduction in Training Hours

Extra: Company sentiment about training solutions

Many company executives are not familiar with the impact of customer education or how to implement these solutions effectively. It is helpful to consider what leaders often feel about their programs following implementation. These are a few examples of how companies react to their training programs after they have been stood up and the costs associated with running a successful initiative.

Internal sentiment about ROI

  • Our study found that 90% of respondents’ organizations have had positive returns on their investment in customer education. (Forrester report)

  • 60% of companies interviewed consider their [extended enterprise training program] efforts to be either effective or highly effective (Brandon Hall report [gated])

Cost of customer learning programs

  • Respondents whose companies operate fully or partially formalized customer education programs report that their companies spend an average of $780,000 per year on their efforts (Forrester report)

  • For companies that charge for this learning, more than one-third are able to cover 25% or more of their overall learning technology costs (Brandon Hall report [gated])


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