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Transitioning Teacher's Guide to Software Orgs

How can a teacher break into tech?

There are a lot of tech jobs for former teachers. Often people who haven't worked in software companies will assume they need to learn to code, however there are options where your skills as a teacher or non-software professional can be directly transferred.

A good career change for teachers is Customer Education. These teams often work on the Customer Success or Product teams, and are responsible for helping customers learn the applications they have purchased.

To help you make this transition, we've put together a free guide that describes what Customer Education does, how software companies use this capability, and the different teams you'll likely interact. with during the interview process. This Career Changer Guide to Software Orgs will help you develop a plan for approaching technology companies.

Ready to get started? It's free.

Why use the Career Changer Guide?

The purpose of this guide is to help teachers and non-tech professionals with a few common challenges:

  1. Learn which job titles to connect with. There are a lot of different roles in software companies. By knowing which teams likely hire for training roles, or what teams interact with training content development, you'll be able to ensure you're targeting the right folks on LinkedIn or when networking. This will save you time and headache.

  2. Prepare for interviews. This series will help you understand the processes involved in training development. You can then map these processes to your own experience more effectively.

  3. Learn key terminology. Half of transitioning to a new career is just learning the language. This series introduces some critical terms and topics that you'll want to use when speaking about your experience and the impact you've had. by translating your professional experience into the language of tech, you'll have a better chance of having your resume stand out.

Access the Career Changer Guide to Software Orgs here

What is included in the Career Changer Guide?

The Career Changer Guide to Software Orgs is a free video series that will help you understand the people and teams you'll encounter in a tech company. Here's what's included:

  • Introduction to org structures. You'll learn two different ways of understanding technology companies. One is the common top-down hierarchy. The other focuses on the customer journey. Both of these org structures will help you understand how teams work together to train customers.

  • Introduction to Customer Education. Learn what Customer Education is and the common goals it targets. You'll see examples of what Customer Education impacts when delivered effectively.

  • Overview of major software teams. You'll learn about the roles, processes, and training projects for these software teams: Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

  • Customer Education Process map. This video describes the step-by-step process for creating customer education content. You can use this process map in interviews or when speaking to software companies. It helps you orient yourself and demonstrate knowledge of their role in the work of product training.

Visit the Career Changer Guide now!


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