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Customer Education requires specialized resources. Even experienced program leaders need advice on special projects or business strategy. Most programs can't afford to hire everyone they need. 


Learning Outcomes gives you on-demand expertise for your Customer Enablement programs, connecting you with experienced professionals for decision support and content production.

When we wanted to invest more heavily in our program, we wanted help making good decisions. Learning Outcomes worked with us to scale our program from one person to a team of five, and supported the launch of our new LMS.

Amy Vujanich

Program Manager, Customer Education

Brian and team keenly understand what marketing & sales professionals need to make content effectively drive pipeline throughout all stages of the buyers journey. 

Eleanor Young

SVP Demand Generation

Thought Industries

From our customers


Learning Outcomes gives you cost-effective ways to execute

1x1 coaching

when you need it

Get the right expert at the right time & make the most of the team you have.


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stage of growth

From launch to scale, Learning Outcomes has resources for you.

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Budget & ROI Calculator

Take the guesswork out of creating your program budget and save yourself hours of trial & error. Download the sheet and customize it to meet your needs.

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Training Team Org Structure Guide

These Sample Training Org Charts show how to build a team from scratch, including who you should hire, what skills are needed, and where to contract for scale. Learn where to invest your dollars to maximize impact.

Get advice on how to start or scale your training solutions

Learning Outcomes gives you scale without adding headcount and make the most of the budget you have. Ready to get started?

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