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Playbooks that
help you execute

From launching a new program to monetizing your offerings, Learning Outcomes has playbooks, guides, templates, and checklists built to help you take action.


Step-by-step playbooks make your life easy


Practical & actionable


Access a constellation of assets related to the most common learning program challenges, across all phases of maturity. Get early, exclusive access to new content. If you need additional help, you can hire a Learning. Advisor to coach you. 

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Flexible & customizable


Building a budget or planning your program? Learning Outcomes has calculators and customizable spreadsheet templates to help you get started. Built by practitioners who have done it already, these resources are all about help you get through planning quickly. 

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Cost effective 

Coaching & advice

If you need additional help, connect with a marketplace of experts who are ready to advise on how to best utilize a resource or fill in knowledge gaps on your team. Great for upskilling quickly on a project. 

Need custom content?

Are you an LMS or solution provider? We can build your strategic campaign content for a fraction of the price of hiring a full time expert.

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