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Job Leveling Guide for Instructional Designers

Christy Hollingshead developed a Job Leveling Guide for Customer Education for two of the most common and critical roles on these teams:

  1. Instructional Designers

  2. Technical Writers

We're sharing this resource with you because we think it's a great starting point for defining roles. This is also a key part of building out your Customer Education Budget.

What is a Job Leveling Guide?

A job leveling guide is a set of job expectations for roles across departments. You define the skills, knowledge, and amount of responsibility attached to each role. You can also associate each level with a compensation range.

When building a Customer Education team, you should think about the growth path of your Instructional Designers and Writers. People who develop training become experts in your product and this proficiency takes time to develop. Your team represents an investment in organizational knowledge and so you want to ensure your team has a clear path for growth.

This path includes more than simply titles or pay bands. You should set clear expectations about the demonstrated behaviors and proficiencies associated with each level. The Job Leveling Guide laid out by Christy does this exceptionally well and is a fantastic resource for anyone managing a Customer Education team.

How do I use the Job Leveling Guide?

  1. Click on the link above to open the guide.

  2. It is a Google Sheet set to "view only".

  3. Make a copy of the Google Sheet so you can edit it

  4. Use or adjust the Leveling Guide tabs to set expectations with your team about different advancement opportunities

  5. After you have edited the Levels to fit your needs, input the appropriate roles into your Customer Education Budget Calculator for Full Time or Contract team members

Thank you Christy Hollingshead!

Be sure to thank Christy for putting together this great resource. You can find her on LinkedIn here.


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